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    1. Yep! I sent you my answers a few minutes ago! ;)
      Abigail Grace

  2. Hi Abigail I'm Marilyn Chang and I'm Christian too. Please be my friend. I'm ten by the way...

  3. Hi Abigail! I just wanted to say that you blog was a major inspiration to me when I started blogging! I have always admired it, but when I switched from Blogger to Wordpress, I forgot about Author Of My Hope. I love your design, it's beautiful! But what I love most is that you bring Jesus into your blog! I am a child of Jesus Christ, and I love to spread the word about him through my blog. I actually had a couple questions for you, so I'll just email you with them! Thanks again for your blog! It has been so encouraging to me!

    ~ Allie Taylor |