Thursday, December 21, 2017

Pinterest fails and TLJ

How to make your own paint for kids
If you have ever scrolled through your Pinterest feed, there is a good chance you have seen this photo ^^ Last Saturday I wanted to do some painting in my bullet journal and decided, what could be more artsy than making my own paint as well?!? The recipe is ridiculously simple and I assumed it would turn out just like the photo! I was so, so wrong. It ended up being this weird cookie-dough texture, definitely NOT paint. It is amazing to me how often "easy" homemade Pinterest-y things utterly fail. ;)
 What did you think of The Last Jedi? When I first left the theatre I thought it was okay, but a bit disappointing. The more I think about it, however, the more I like it. I'm not going to be too specific here to avoid spoilers, but I liked what they did with Rey + Kylo Ren. I semi-liked what they did with Luke.
 I'm looking forward to Christmas!! We are going to wake up early and open our stockings. Then, we are going to have a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls and open what is underneath the tree.
You are very very loved!


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Majic Turkey + a very big victory

Can you spot the rainbow? ^^^
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, friends and family! I hope you enjoyed stuffing your face with pie as much as I did. ;)

Have you ever noticed that their is no fun character for Thanksgiving? Like, for Valentines Day there's cupid, St. Patrick's Day has leprechauns, Christmas has Santa, etc. etc. My dad and I realized that on Thanksgiving Eve and came up with our own tradition.

The Magic Turkey.

He comes every Thanksgiving Eve bringing a turkey for the family. For the children he brings a package of rolls or stuffing. I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning (to make Thanksgiving meals for the homeless, elderly, and first responders) and guess what was on the kitchen counter?!?

Gifts from the magic turkey! You may notice that "magic" is spelled wrong. My dad claims that the magic turkey just has a unique name spelling and is actually spelling it right. ;D

This week luoa didn't assign any school assignments, so I used this week to get all caught up. So. much. math. I ended up having to do a week of math yesterday. But now I can say I'm all caught up, and that is seriously a huge relief!
The other day I was making a blog comment, and I made a huge victory. I spelled definitely right on the first try! That has never happened before! So proud. :D
So I've been trying to find lots of good books to read over Christmas break (so much free time lol.), and right now I am reading Murder on the Orient Express (which is absolutely amazing!!).

Do you happen to have any book recommendations for me? and how on earth do you put a gif in a blog post? :)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

♪ It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas... ♪

Everyone tells me that you're supposed to wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate, but...I hate that idea. So we went out and did this.
Target is THE BEST for Christmas decorations. I am very thankful that I was able to convince my family this year to decorate the house before Thanksgiving! ;)

This is our beautiful tree. Ah... it makes me so happy just looking at it! These pictures only show part of the Christmas decorations. Right now I am sitting at the table on the laptop, and the entire table is almost completely covered with Christmas decorations we still need to put up.. But, is there really such thing as decorating too much? There is never too much Christmas spirit. :D
My family had SO much fun listening to Christmas music and decorating our house last night. And afterwards, we treated ourselves to a bowl of Peppermint ice cream. :)
ALSO-- I have a new blog email address:
Is there such thing as too much Christmas spirit? Have YOU decorated your house for Christmas yet? ;)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Christmas November?

You know your mom is awesome when she makes you an acai (pronounced ah-sai-ee) bowl!

Things around here have been pretty exciting, knowing that Christmas will be here in 41 days. You may be wondering--is that a Christmas countdown on your sidebar? Already? On November 13? Yes. Yes it is. Just watch the seconds tick byyyy.

Have you started getting ready for Christmas? My mom looked at me a little crazy when I started talking about my Christmas decorating plans in the beginning of November. Haha, I guess I got a little too excited. :)

My family got family photos done on Sunday, and let's just say we laughed. A lot.

Roby just looked at this photo, and said, "We should keep that photo. It shows who we really are." That couldn't be more true! ALSO~~Just to clarify, Roby is NOT taller that me. I am just sinking down in the sand in this photo. :D It will be a little while before he can beat my 5-foot-8 height. :)He's still my baby brother, and he is not taller than me. Yet. ;)

I have been listening to allll the Christmas music--White Christmas, Jingle Bells, Carol of the Bells, Let it Snow, Noel, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, What Child is This, Jingle Bell Rock, All I want for Christmas is you....I could go on forever. This is my favorite kind of music!

Do yourself a favor and listen to this Christmas is so peaceful and exactly what got me into the Christmas spirit in the first place.

Later this week we are going Christmas decorations shopping and I am thrilled to decorate our house inside and out. Would you like to see photos?! :D

So--currently getting ready for Christmas, and trying to understand Algebra. What about you?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Crouching Lion

To spend more time with a friend of mine who is leaving the island, we went for a hike with a couple other girls--the crouching lion hike. beautiful views, and I had an amazing time with my friends.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Corrie ten Boom & Thankfulness

I'm just popping in real quick to say "thank you!!" for all the sweet comments on my "Mission Trip?" post. You guys are so encouraging and I love every word you type!
Image result for corrie ten boom quotes
*photo is not my own*
My grandparents are coming to visit soon, and I am super excited about all that we will do with them--one of the things being a trip to the Big Island! I'll be sure to bring my phone and take plenty of photos!

You are so incredibly loved!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

for the good Christian girls ft. Hawaii rainy days

 "Being a believer in Jesus isn't about doing something you hate because that would be the greatest sacrifice for God. No, it is about becoming and learning who God made you to be. You don't have to pretend to like certain things or be a certain way. One college major is not more pleasing to God than another. He made each one of us with the flair of an artist, yet sometimes we insist upon falling into the same predictable molds. Could it be possible that the thing you really want to do is the thing you were actually made to do?"
These are the words from "Graceful", one of my most favorite books of all time. I learned about Graceful through my Goodreads account, ordered it on Amazon, and started reading it right away.

Oh. My. Goodness. This book has completely changed the way I view my own life as a Christian girl. I have often felt crushed by the pressure of always doing the right thing, knowing all the right answers, and appearing perfect to everyone I meet. Emily Freeman took these pressures, and showed me that Jesus has already made me perfect in Him. The work is already done. I don't need to put up a false front or be someone I'm not for Jesus to love me. He sees me, no-makeup-hot-mess me , and loves me more than I could ever possibly begin to imagine.

This book has changed the way I view the Christian life, and I completely recommend for you to read it, too.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mission Trip?

 Fun times dog sitting!'s so good to be back! I haven't had the inspiration to get back to blogging, but so much is going on in my life lately that I wanted a space to share my thoughts.

A BIG opportunity has come up--I have the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Cambodia! I am completely torn. On one hand, I know that I have been praying that God would open doors for me to go to Cambodia. It is my dream to go, and I know that for me, going on this mission trip will be a life-changing trip. On the other hand, though, Cambodia is a very poor, dangerous country. I have already been told it is a given that I will get lice and dysentery. There are problems with human trafficking & robberies.

My parents are concerned and my dad has decided that if I go, he also goes with me to make sure I am safe. Another downside is that I will have to raise $3,500. I have never fundraised before, so this will really require me to get outside my comfort zone. I am not sure what to do! I have to have my applications turned in in a month, so I am going to really have to pray for the right answer. I think I already do though. I really feel called to go. In fact, a few months ago I was searching online to find a mission trip and in frustration, I prayed, "Lord, if it is your will for me to go to Cambodia, please create an opportunity!" Sure enough, an hour later I looked on my youth group Facebook page an saw the most recent post, which read: "Cambodia 2018." I was so, so thrilled! I told everyone I could about God's answered prayer to me. I was going to Cambodia! God heard me!! This is amazing! My dad kind of sat me down and told me of all the dangers and his concerns. He is 50/50. He wants me to go, and have this amazing opportunity, but he wants to keep me out of harm's way. This post was kind of all over the place, but I have a ton on my mind. It feels good to write it all out!

So, please pray for me, friends! Any advice or scripture would be greatly appreciated!

You are so amazingly loved!


Friday, May 26, 2017

4 Best Places to Shop for Modest Swimwear

Finding affordable, classy swimsuits is hard, especially when you want to be a little bit more modest. Today I have compiled a list of my favorite online (or in store) places to shop for modest swimsuits.

ann in garden party

(Shown above: "Anne in Garden Party")
I discovered Rey Swimwear a few months ago, and I still can't believe how pretty these swimsuits are! They are ethically made, modest, and cute. The suits are a bit pricey, some can be over $100. Because of that, I have not ordered a swimsuit from here (yet) but hope to in the future!

Modest Swimwear, Swim Top for Women - Style "Rebekah" - SwimTop, Tee, Shirt

I ordered a swimsuit from Cover Up For Christ last year for my trip to the Outer Banks. Bree is so sweet and an incredibly talented seamstress. My swimsuit (same as pictured above) came quickly, and was very well made. I definitely recommend this shop!

(Shown above: "Lemon Rose Double-Cinch Tankini Top")
My mom and I both ordered swimsuits from here a few months ago, and they are super cute! Limericki suits are reasonably priced and they always seem to have great sales and deals going on!

Women's Striped High Neck One Piece Swimsuit Blue - Clean Water. Image 1 of 3.
4. Target
(Shown above: Women's Stripped High Neck One Piece Swimsuit Blue - Clean Water)
Target has a wide variety of one piece swimsuits (631 online to be exact) and it is very easy to find cute, modest, affordable swimsuits. I ordered the swimsuit shown above last night on sale for $35.

I hope this post helped you find some cute new suits!
Happy Summer, everyone!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

LUOA & Wipeouts

On Thursday last week, I finished 8th grade! It was a struggle for me, because I was doing 4-6 math lessons some days! Teaching Textbooks thought it would be fun to sneak in 30 extra review lessons. Thanks a lot. Anyway, I'm glad I'm done and look forward to starting my freshman year of high school!
For high school next year, I am going to mix it up a little and start taking online classes with Liberty University Online Academy. I got enrolled two days ago, and already have received my course schedule & school email address. I am a bit nervous to try something new, but so far so good! :)
For Mothers' Day this past Sunday, my family went to church, then came home, hung out a bit, and went to the Bellows. The waves were really big, and I wiped out, like, a lot. I was bodysurfing for a little while (and getting better!! Score!) when I got a bit overly confident and brought my boogie board out with me. The hard thing about a boogie board is that when a big wave comes, you can't duck dive under it (or at least I can't), so it sends you tumbling back to the beach. Time after time I would get up, adjust my bathing suit, and look back at the water where all the other boogie boarders were, riding waves and doing amazing. It is very frustrating. Hopefully I with get the hang of it soon. Hopefully.
Woah, I really flip-flopped subjects.
What are you doing for school next year?
What are you doing this summer?

Monday, May 8, 2017

I don't have my life together--Honest Words from Yours Truly

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I unexpectedly took a three-month blogging break, and I actually don't have a single good excuse. I just really didn't feel like writing a blog post. To be honest with you guys, sometimes I feel like I have to fit some "homeschooled Christian teen girl 'blogger mold,' " and live an absolutely perfect life. Great relationships with siblings and parents, perfect friends, incredible writing and photography skills, and a motivation to do lots of schoolwork, bake, write, sew, and kick that TBR list in the butt that I just don't possess. Throughout the past few months, whenever I thought about doing a blog post, I immediately thought: " 'I can't do a blog post, I just fought with my brother,' or, 'I totally handled that situation wrong,' or, 'I'm just in a bad mood today.' "

Recently, I have been learning the value of complete honesty and authenticity. I have always appreciated people who say it how it is, and refuse to sugar-coat the truth. So, that is what I am striving for on this blog. I must admit, in the past, I have made things happening in my life out to seem better on the blog. I can be a pretty self-conscious person, and I oftentimes have little fears that creep in that say "you can't say your day was bad, that makes you look like a bad Christian!" and things like that.

In all honesty, I don't have my life together. I struggle to find the motivation to do school/workout/read/do chores/be productive sometimes. I don't have a perfect family. Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough, or smart enough, or thin enough. But you know what? That's okay. It's how we respond to these doubts and fears that really matters.

In my life (and blog) I am going to strive for complete authenticity. Care to join me?  :)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Catching a Wave

 "Meatball" the dog. He was staring at us through the window.
photo (the first two) credits to Roby (yes, he did make me design his entire blog so I could use his photos)
^Attempting to comfort Lexi while she has to endure the worst thing in the world... A BATH!!

I love doing adventurous things.

I've touched the Eiffel Tower, gone on rollercoasters, visited Stone Henge, played in the ocean for countless hours, hiked up many mountains, and sat on an alligator. Last Saturday, my friend and her family picked me up in their big red van and took us to the beach for a couple hours of surfing! I was so excited and nervous. I think I did okay, but I pretty much only went on my knees, and was on my feet for 1/4 of a second, till I belly flopped in the water. Paddling out to the waves was definitely the HARDEST part. My arms felt like wet noodles the entire time, and felt so for days after!
 Thursday night, my mom got a text, and turns out, my friend invited me to go surfing with her again on Saturday (now today)! Of course I said YES! This time, though, Roby got to come, and he spent some time on the beach learning while my friend and I got to paddle out in the chilly, crystal-clear ocean water. Roby paddled out, and we all just kind of hung out, waiting for the perfect wave to come our way. A decent wave came and I caught it! I was lying on my stomach, and something (maybe it was the fact that about four people were watching me) made me want to go for it. In one fluid movement, I pushed up with my arms and jumped to my feet. I was riding the wave! It felt so good. After a few seconds, I fell sideways off my board, hearing cheering.

After that, I rode about 4 or 5 more waves on my feet. It's such an amazing and fun feeling! The waves started getting pretty choppy, and I had a hard time finding a good wave to ride. So, I paddled back in, handed my board to one of my friend's younger siblings, and just played in the ocean, talking and swimming around. I got to go back out again, but the waves were no good. It had gotten increasingly windier, and I just couldn't find any good waves. It was really frustrating. I only got 1 at the end, when I was paddling back in, and rode it for a second before falling into the water. But, I did it, and I was so happy.

I am so thankful that now I can at least say I know how to surf, and I have caught a few waves! :) I just wish I could go again tomorrow!

 My week was pretty good, and busy. One of the highlights of my week was getting to talk on the phone with my aunt Jessie! It was so fun, I love her so much.
 Lately I have been eating popcorn and ice cream, yummm!

Thank you so much to Julia for mentioning me in your blog post! That is so sweet of you!

Mahalo for reading!