Saturday, December 31, 2016

Life in Hawaii >> Snorkeling and Christmas

 4:30 a.m. I awoke to the rustling of my parents packing last-minute things into bags. I urged myself awake and slipped out of bed to get ready.

5:00 a.m. I handed the man my bag to toss into the back of the shuttle, and got on excitedly. I felt nervous for Lexi, who was about to go through one of the most stressful days in her little life.

6:00 a.m. Dad handed me a twenty and I walked into the small airport shop to buy some Rolos and a bottle of lemonade. I sat down with my kindle and happily ate my "breakfast" while we waited for mom to be done dropping Lexi off at cargo.

7:00 a.m.-- 4:00 p.m. (give or take because we were in three different time zones that day) Here it is!! The plane dropped slowly. I was a bit disappointed that I was seated in the middle of the middle row, so I couldn't enjoy my first-ever view of Hawaii. The plane slowly landed, and I was so, so excited. It came to a stop and we finally got off.

 The first thing I noticed was how humid it was. I was sweating as soon as I got of the plane, and it wasn't how I expected. I thought it would be beautiful, blue skies with a nice ocean breeze, and we would go to the beach as soon as we got there, like in the movies. Instead, I was greeted with gray skies and misty rain that made everything wet and incredibly humid.
 I've learned to love the humidity and misty rain that comes every day. The scrapes and bruises I have from being smashed against the reef by a bigger-than-expected wave. The bug bites and the frizzy hair. Being barefoot all. the. time. The huge leaves that drop water on your head when you walk underneath them. The people.

I love Hawaii.
 We stayed in a hotel while trying to find a house, and I really struggled with that. I mean, I wanted to go to the beach! I wanted to explore! To my delight, we quickly found a house and moved in. This house, guys, is big. We even*gasp* got a forth bedroom! Family, you are totally welcome! ;)
Christmas 2016

On Christmas Eve Eve we were invited to a new friends' house for a Christmas party. I met lots of awesome girls and everyone walked around barefoot. It was awesome!

On Christmas morning, everybody woke up around 7 and opened gifts. I got a boogie board, rip surf, Kylo Ren mask, and snorkeling set. We hung out and played with our gifts. After lunch, we headed to the beach! The surf was pretty big that day, so we got thrashed around quite a bit while snorkeling. After, we drove around and stopped to look through a gift shop and get shave ice.

When we were inside the gift shop, my mom spotted a cat sleeping on the counter. "Is that real?" She was super confused until the cat started moving. :D

BTW, if you're ever in Hawaii and don't know what to get for your shave ice, order Blue vanilla, lime, and strawberry. Just trust me on this one. ;)
New years eve skateboarding
I had an amazing and terrifying 2016. I went to the Outer Banks with my family, went to Busch Gardens and the plantation with my youth group, took more trips to New York than I could count on my fingers, and moved to Hawaii. Awesome, right?!

Bring on 2017!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I am moving to Hawaii tomorrow.


That's right, tomorrow I'm hopping on a plane to Denver, then off to Honolulu on this crazy awesome adventure.

Since I last posted (which was, 3 months ago? hehe), the movers came, we moved into a hotel, drove to New York and stayed at my great grandfather's house for a month, came back, stayed with a friend for a couple days, (today) moved into another hotel, & (tomorrow) we're off to the airport. Yikes.

As you might guess, we are all exhausted and ready for a strong wifi signal.

Over a month of socializing all day, everyday. That's a lot for 4 introverts and a crazy dog.

When I woke up today, my heart started racing a mile a minute once I had realized what day it was. Last month, it felt as though the days were going by at a snail's pace, but now, I feel like I've been in a zone for the past month. Now, it's happening.
We're really going!!!

Please pray for my family, that our plane gets there safely, that my dog doesn't freak out on the flight, & that we don't pass out at the price of airplane food.

Let the adventure begin! ✈ 🌴