Saturday, May 21, 2016

We Broke a Record!


"May 6, 2016--" hehe... I may like writing blog posts, but I also like procrastinating. I really need to work on that!
Our summer agenda has been quickly filling up with plans of trips to NY, sun-filled days at the pool, the summer reading program, trips and visits with friends, a fun birthday camping trip in August, mornings at cafe's, afternoons at Chick-fil-a.
Lots of good moments God has planned for us.
A family from church has asked me to be a mother's helper for their family--meaning, I watch the kids while their mom does things around the house. I'm so excited for it!
A little while back we heard a knock on our door--only to find our adorable 3-year-old neighbor standing on our porch! He asked Roby and I if we could go over to his house to jump on his trampoline. We went over, jumped on his trampoline, played with his huge dog, and his mom came out and gave us popsicles. ;) He is so adorable!
Mom and I watched Pride and Prejudice (the 2008 version). I thought it was... okay. I just thought it was a little sad that all Elizabeth's sisters cared about was getting married. I want to watch the other version and see what I think about it.

Something... crazy happened. It rained for 15 days straight at our house, which is a record! I love rain, but I was starting to get a little bored with it, and restless. Thankfully, we had several days of sunshine afterword, but now it is raining again and won't stop 'till Monday. Any ideas to beat rainy-day boredom?

I am in the biggest reading rut ever. Just to get an idea, I started a book 18 days ago and am not even halfway done with it (AND it's not a super long book!). Let's just blame it on the rain. ;)

I'm going to be babysitting a little boy on Tuesday and I'm SO EXCITED!
It was my dad's birthday recently and we celebrated by decorating the kitchen with streamers and making an awesome cake.
I decided I wanted fondant on the cake, and I found a super simple one online. It just took me longer to make than it suggested, because I--well, kinda forgot to follow the directions. You're supposed to put something in before something else, but I totally ignored that part, causing me to have to go back and put it in the right order. oops. (also, we don't have a "2" candle, so I substituted...and the cake's leaning a bit... don't worry, it tasted great!)

Yesterday morning Roby and I went over to a friend's house to help her get ready to take pictures for renting out her house--if that made any sense. :D I scrubbed, wiped, sprayed, organized, and mopped her whole kitchen 'till it sparkled. We had lots of fun with her. :)

We have been feeling under the weather lately--cough drops (ours are actually really good, they taste like candy!), tissues, & Nyquil here we come! Luckily, these wonderful inspirational quotes on cough drop wrappers are there to help me through it! :D
I took the 4 following photos a long time ago, but I just had to share them. :)

 Sunday breakfast
 Okay, who's ready for a weird story? I was going to share this in my last post, but it got so long, and I didn't want to make it any longer. Roby and I were playing Frisbee in our front yard when Roby threw it and it landed on the neighbors' roof. dun, dun, DUN!

We did what any normal person would do, and cut down a piece of bamboo and carried it to our house. People came onto their porches to watch us lug the huge piece of bamboo down the street. We must have been a pretty crazy sight. ;) Roby tried to use it to get the Frisbee down (with our neighbors' permission, of course) no avail.

We tried a different method, by forgetting about it while we were on vacation. When we got back and saw it was still there, we called it a goner. A few days ago, the maintenance men came by and were on the neighbors' roof--and, they got the Frisbee down! Yay!
Enjoy your summer! <3

Friday, May 6, 2016

How a Beach Ball Ruined My Cousin's Childhood

^Am I throwing the Frisbee or catching it? The world may never know...^

^photos above taken my my awesome Aunt Mary!^
A couple weeks ago, Dad, Mom, Roby and I piled into the car for a week in Duck, North Carolina (we were to meet up there with our Aunt Mary, Uncle Jimmy, & cousins Ben & Matthew. our Aunt JoJo & her boyfriend, Bobby were set to arrive at the beach house at two in the morning.) . We were all so excited. Most of our conversations were centered around "on our trip we should..." Do you know that excitement, that just lingers? Like, no matter what happens, you'll always be happy and excited? That is one of the reasons I love Christmas. ;)

Anyway, we were super excited. :)

If I were to describe our trip in one word it would be adventurous. I faced my fears, laughed a lot, and made some amazing memories. One of the things we did was climb the lighthouse. It had been Aunt Mary's dream to climb one and it was the main thing she wanted to do while on the trip.

My first thoughts were, "Oh, a lighthouse? That's pretty cool." But, apparently I have an extreme fear of heights. The dark green stairs had little holes in them so you could see all. the. way. to the bottom.

Prior to going to the lighthouse, I was having a pretty clumsy day. I almost tripped over my own feet several times, and while at the beach I was I was playing run-away-from-the-waves. I was running backwards, and I was like "oh, look at me! I'm running backwards!" Immediately following, I toppled backwards and got all wet. Oh, my life. :D
Anyway, while climbing up the lighthouse, my legs were shaking, and I was repeating to myself, "don't look down. don't look down..." Of course, I looked down and freaked myself out.

The view at the top was breathtaking... but I didn't really get to enjoy it. I held on to those railings SO. TIGHT. ;)
We came face-to-face with this stylish little goat on our way out.

Games and fun back at the beach house. See that pink bear in the background? That's Lexi's (our dog's). It's her most prized possession. No touchies.

See that ball in Roby's hand? I have a really funny story about that. My Aunt JoJo got it at Walmart. Apparently, it's supposed to be a light-up beach ball. On the packaging, the ball looks HUGE and really bright and lit-up... well, when she opened it, and someone blew it up--turns out, it's really small, and all it has lighting it up is this little glow stick you're supposed to put inside it. Aunt JoJo was saying, "I should contact the company, and say, 'Congratulations, you ruined my nephew's childhood!'" :D


When Ralphy's dad is gone, he looks for the next best thing. Apparently, this time, it was my mom!

Our gorgeous view
Ralphy, the kindest dog in the world.

We also met up with my nana, who was in the Outer Banks with some friends, and went to the Wright Brothers Museum.

Photo starring... Aunt Mary, Ben, Matthew, Bobby, Ralphy, Uncle Jimmy, Mom, Roby, & Dad.


We had Duck Donuts for breakfast a couple mornings, and they were ammaaazzzinnnggggg.

Souvenir shopping & ice cream...
On one morning of our trip, Roby and I decided to give boogie boarding a try. I am a bit afraid of the ocean, so I was reluctant to agree to go. But, I'm glad I did! The water was freezing, but after I was in a while, I got used to it. It was so fun, paddling out to where the waves were just about to break, and quickly turning around, so our heads were facing towards the beach. The wave slowly picked us up, and catapulted us toward shore. We always ended up lying on the wet sand on our stomachs, our bathing suits filled with sand and shells, and my hair wet and going everywhere. It was SO. FUN.
Oh, and Uncle Jimmy caught two stingrays!
I completely forgot to take a photo of my new swimsuit, and I'm bummed about that. It is so cute!
 We had such a great time, that we have already reserved the beach house for next year! I have dared everyone to climb the other lighthouse next year. This isn't just any lighthouse, however. This one is two and a half times the size of the lighthouse we climbed this year--- oh yeah, and oh no! Be prepared for a post on that, a year from now!
 Mom & I took a walk on the beach one morning.
 A little treasure so I can remember the day I braved the lighthouse.

My advice for you today, is:
1. There is no such thing as too many photos. ;)
2. Cookies make everything better.
...Did you get through this crazy long post? If so, you are awesome. Pat yourself on the back. :)
...Have you ever been boogie boarding? If so, what did you think of it?
...Do you have a crazy family too? :D