Sunday, February 28, 2016

I can't come up with a title!

 Last Sunday at church, I had the wonderful opportunity to help out in the preschool children's ministry. The kids were sooo cute and good (not counting that one crazy boy that may or may not be just like my brother).

Another awesome thing that happened on Sunday was a new episode of WHEN CALLS THE HEART (on Hallmark channel. I know, I know. cheesy!)! The episode, however, was not cheesy at all and I LOVED it! It was super adorable. My mom, friend, friend's mom and I are all hearties ;), so we went to a café on Monday to discuss our theories for the characters and future episodes.
 On Tuesday, we went to Chick-fil-a with our friend and her sister. They are both super sweet! After, we went to Target. I browsed the book section, and I couldn't believe how bad/inappropriate some of the "teen" books were. I was hoping to see some Christy Miller and Nancy Drew!
 I've had a hard time sleeping all week, sometimes laying in bed for three hours at night with so much on my mind. Mainly feeling sorry for Jake Lloyd and wondering when I will see my Aunt Jess again.
 I meant to make this post yesterday, but it completely slipped from my mind. You know, all a part of going crazy.
 I found myself randomly quoting Kylo Ren and Mr. Narwhal from the movie Elf throughout the week.
 "Bye, Buddy! Hope you find your dad!" ~Mr. Narwhal. I say this every time someone leaves the house.
 "Lex, do you mind if I take a photo of you? M'kay, thanks." a conversation I had with my dog half an hour ago
I sat on the couch watching episodes of Gilmore Girls and the Andy Griffith Show.
This photo accurately describes last week...

my fucking life story bish azz. and I think I can't go out or I'll die of poisonous gasses. I'm so sad and grey. russian emo its a tricky situation. u c?:
I am having a photo caption contest here, and you only have till Wednesday to enter, so hurry! The winner gets a copy of "Kisses from Katie."
My mom and I are currently making a When Calls the Heart cake to celebrate season 3! If it turns out, I might put some photos in my next post. I hope you have a (hopefully) less crazy week than I did!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We are the crazy ones

Over the weekend, my parents, brother, uncle, aunt, and cousins Oliver, Markus, and Gideon met up in Maryland and stayed in a cabin for a weekend of fun. We made lots of noise and great memories. We're such a crazy bunch. :)


We drove to the cabin and waited for the rest of our family to get there. It was fun "touring" the cabin and watching Roby attempt to snowboard down the hills in back and front of the cabin.

This is Roby testing out the ice. It eventually got so cold, that we could actually sled down the frozen stream!

They're here! We helped them unpack and all us cousins had a pillow fight in the living room, until my mom called us into the kitchen and told us she had a surprise for us. She grabbed a bag and pulled out a big saran wrap ball. She told us there were prizes inside the ball, and that we had to take turns trying to get them out.

We all stood around the table, and mom began to unwrap the ball as fast as she could as Markus tried to roll a 1 on the die. Once he got a 1, mom passed the ball to him and my dad tried to roll a 1. It went on around the table like that until chocolate hearts and slingshots and woopie cushions showered the kitchen. When the ball was passed to Oliver, he unraveled the best prize of all--$2 each for all the kids!


an afternoon of fort building, cookie decorating, hungry hippos, popcorn, nerf wars, and sledding

our (very) messy counter

Sunday/Valentine's Day:

We took a trip to town

We found this one shop--I fell in love immediately! As soon as my mom walked in, she even said "Oh, Abi would love this!" It was so Pinterest-y.

these are the moments I will remember forever

we also found an adorable bookstore, where I bought a Nancy Drew book to add to my collection!

me, Oliver, & Aunt Amy (notice the duct tape on my sled? yep, that's the result of reckless sledding!)

my cousins are the CUTEST!

P.S. I'm having a contest!