Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Thanksgiving Road Trip

 For the week of Thanksgiving, my family went on a trip to New York to see our family. Our week was jam-packed, and I can't believe so many things could have been packed into one week! On Saturday, we were so busy getting ready for our trip. Packing, planning, and wrapping presents for family members. 37 PRESENTS. It was crazy, but I really loved it. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and felt really accomplished.


We got up bright and early and headed out! I spent most of the ride looking out the window, talking, eating, and reading.

At a rest stop somewhere

 Mom and I
 Road trip activities
 Lexi layed on my lap almost the entire way.

 Then, we were greeted with a wonderfully crazy surprise: SNOW!!! It was so beautiful, and we only had it for a few minutes. Believe it or not, that was the very first time I ever took pictures of snow.
 We had dinner and visited with our family members.

I leaped out of bed and stuck my head by the window. The world was covered with a blanket of snow! We got out our snow stuff and went outside.

 My mom, dad, and I took a walk to my uncle's house while Roby stayed behind to fish.

 Then, slowly the snow began to melt away.
 Shortly after we came home, Roby showed us his 21 inch fish he caught while we were away!

 We went over to my aunt, uncle, and cousins' house for dinner! We played for hours and had a great time.


We went over to my nana and grandpa's house for breakfast and had fun!
 After, we went to my aunt and uncle's house where most of my family was. We ate pizza, drank soda, played games, and ran around for 5 hours.

Roby caught another fish!
 Roby's "funny face." We were in the car and acting really goofy! :)
 We met up with my awesome family to hike around a lake!

 The cousins
 A reeeaallly funny thing happened:

Roby: *climbs side of mountain*
Ashton, Josie and I: *follow*
Roby: *heads back down*
Ashton: *follows*
Me: *follows with great difficulty (lol!)*
Josie: *struggles to get back down*
Uncle Josh: *goes up to help Josie, struggles to get back down*
Ashton: *goes up to help*
*the 3 struggle to get down*
Aunt Jessie: *starts videotaping event*
Ashton: *gets down*
Josie: *runs down*
Uncle Josh: *falls on butt*
Everyone: *laughing*
Uncle Josh: "Well that took like 20 minutes"
 My aunt and I stayed behind to make a youtube video for their channel.


We went over to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving!
 It was awesome, and we were all laughing so hard.

 Then, we went over to my aunt's house for another Thanksgiving. I had SO much fun! We ran around for hours and played games, and dinner was great. Then, we went over to my grandpa's house and I ran around with my cousins some more.


We went with my aunt, uncle, and cousins to the mall to go see the Peanuts Movie. The mall was crazy. Going to the movie theatre was great, and I loved the popcorn! The movie was really cute. We went to bass pro and I got a Christmas present for Roby, and Roby picked out lots of stuff with his gift cards. Then, we went to their house and ran around for hours and watched "Inside Out."


We made the trip back home and I was SO TIRED!

Our trip was lots of fun and we made lots of wonderful memories! <3



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wrap Review

I recently was sent some Jamberry nail wraps to review! On Halloween, while we were waiting for trick-or-treating to start, my nana and I did our nails with these Jamberry nail wraps.

-- great to do with friends! --
-- they are very affordable, with one sheet being $15, they are a lot cheaper than getting your nails done in a salon! --
-- these are absolutely ADORABLE --
-- you are sure to get tons of compliments! --
-- there is a lot of options for nail wraps on their site, --
-- I am not very good at doing nails, and these were a little bit difficult for me to put on. So, invite a friend to come over and help you! ;) --
-- there were lots of wrinkles on our nail wraps when we were done --
-- these are very time consuming (well, maybe I was a little bit impatient, because we were due to start trick-or-treating in any minute!!) --
-- to go to a dollar store, and get a simple nail kit to help you out --
-- to use a hair dryer at the end, to make your nail wraps stay on longer --
-- and of course, these nail wraps!! --
These nail wraps were SO. MUCH. FUN. These would be great for a sleepover or party! I got lots of compliments! Thank you, Jamberry, for making my nails absolutely ADORABLE for a couple weeks!
*These nail wraps were sent to me in exchange for an honest review on my blog*

Friday, November 20, 2015

babysitting || garden of eden

Life has been so busy lately! WOAH. Where do I even start?? Well, we went to an awesome store on Tuesday, where I got TONS of Christmas stuff for my room! When we got home I worked on putting up Christmas lights, tinsel, and put candy canes everywhere. My room looks so festive now. I think I am going to do a Christmas bedroom tour post. ;)

In the midst of running errands, we went to Michaels. There was an aisle dedicated to fake plants, and there were plants covered the edges of the aisle. It looked like it could be the Garden of Eden. :) Roby and I were skipping and dancing through it. There was a lady walking by, and she started laughing at Roby, who was closest to her. :D

I FINALLY GOT TO BABYSIT YESTERDAY! My mom's friend, who has a 5 month old baby boy, asked me to watch her baby for a couple hours. I had a great time! I gave him his bottle, talked to him, read him books, changed his diaper, and played with him on the floor. The baby was SO easy, and he loved being held. I think babysitting is definitely for me.. now, I just need to take a first-aid class from American Red Cross. :)
Did you decorate your room for Christmas??
Are you a babysitter?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

hint of blue || rotten egg

Oh my, it has gotten so chilly! Luckily, the trees in our neighborhood are still packed with beautiful golden leaves, and the grass is still green. Right now the wind is crazy, so that won't be true for long. I haven't had very much photo inspiration lately, because there hasn't even been a hint of blue in the sky. It is very difficult to take photos when the sun doesn't ever come out! :D Well, perhaps I'll have to start editing them, to brighten them up.

Last night, my dad, brother, dog, and I were racing up the stairs. We were doing that last-one-up-the-stairs-is-a-rotten-egg thing. My brother got up the stairs first, and I, being the clumsy person that I am, tripped over my own feet and was trying to get up, while my dad got second place. What do I see a moment later?? My dog, zooming past me, beating me to the top ;) lol! Well, guess who's the rotten egg?? Hehe!

I have been writing lately! I had started a novella a little while ago, but didn't write for several months. After seeing a bunch of posts for NNWM, I got some inspiration back. Right now, I am at 6,004 words, and my goal is 30,000. Hopefully by the end of the month I can be finished with it. :)

Have you ever been the rotten egg?
Are you writing a novel/novella?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Interview with Julia -- Writing for His Glory

(my photo)

Why did you start blogging?
    Well..partly because my sister blogged (LOL) and also because I felt like sharing my love for writing and expressing myself through words. I am not a very wordy person, but I do love talking! hehe! After much prayer, I felt God was giving me the name "Writing for His Glory". I was ecstatic - and ready to post for my Lord and Savior! 

How did you come up with your blog name?

  As I said above, I felt God pressing on my heart the name. When I tried to think up any other name, Writing for His Glory kept coming to mind. After a while, I asked my mom what she thought of the name. I can vividly remember her looking at me and saying "ooh, I love it!!". And..that started my blogging adventure!

What are your favorite activities?

 Ohhh, I love this type of question! I'm not a very crafty person, but I do enjoy art. I guess you'd call it my stress reliever. Ohh, and gardening and canning! Being outdoors is so amazing, and hey, being in dirt is too!  I am a HUGE reader.  I also love baking and playing with my siblings. I love so many things that it would be hard to say one or two! I also love music!  I am always listening to music. And, now this fall I may be starting piano lessons! Yay!!  
Who is your inspiration?
Woah- I have actually never thought of this! My parents are amazing..they always inspire me to reach higher to God - to trust more, lean on Him only, and to bring anything and everything to Him. They show me that nothing is impossible with God...they truly inspire me. And, my sisters (Bree, who is older than me.. and Sarah who is younger than me). I'm not kidding you. These girls are amazing. They can practically figure anything and everything out when it comes to computer, crafts, etc. They somehow endure my crazy moments and my grumpy I said amazing. :P haha! 

What would you prefer--camping or staying in a hotel?

 Camping!! But I would like to be able to wash my hair.. ;) 
Skirts or dresses?
 I prefer skirts..but dresses are lovely for special events! 

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

Eeekk.. you! ;) Let me think.. I LOVE Louis Armstrong jazz! And since that is rather boring, haha, here is another. It took me until I was 11 to learn how to braid my hair..and that was only because Bree told me that I needed to learn how to do it myself instead of her doing it all the time! So..after some frustrated tears, I figured it out and wore braids for a whole year through. :P lol! 
Favorite book?
 I would have to say "The Lost Pearle" by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon. :D It was aaammmmaaazzing

How do you see yourself in 20 years?

Well... I would LOVE to be a mom. ;) But, if not a mom, then a missionary nurse/midwife/doula somewhere. :) (and uh, being 35 sounds sooo bad. hehe)
Describe your bedroom.
 Other than messy? ;) Well! Full of I think I have close to 90 in here. Sunny and cold (I like to be cold haha!), roomy (I used to share a tiny room with my sister and now that I have my own, it feels huge!), and comfortable. I love my bedroom. :D

What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?

Oh, to sit.. under trees, on swings, bikes, on the freshly cut grass. If I could bottle up summer and keep it forever, I would do it in a heartbeat. Skip thanksgiving, skip snow - I WANT SUMMER! lol! I also love gardening. ;) And berry picking...and climbing trees (well more like rescuing my brothers out of the trees lol)..and oh, summer. Haha, I should stop now. :D
I hope you enjoyed this amazing interview with Julia, who blogs at Writing for His Glory! She interviewed me on her blog, which you can view here. Have a great Veterans Day!