Sunday, October 18, 2015

The School Tag

I was tagged by Allie, who blogs at Spreading my Joy, to do the School Tag, created by Nabila. You can view Allie's post here. I am really excited to do this! The rules are:

1. Link up to the person who created the tag (Nabila)
2. Put a link to the person who tagged you
3. Tag at least 3 other people to do this tag
4. Put the picture above in your post.
1. What grade are you in?
I'm in 7th grade!
2. What kind of school are you in? (elementary, middle, or high school)
Middle School
3. What is your opinion of school?
I'm homeschooled, and I like it a looooot better then public school! (Let's be honest though, I look forward to getting my schoolwork done! ;) )
4. What is your favorite subject overall?
Hmmm....probably history. We have a really fun curriculum!
5. What is your favorite academic subject? (reading or math)
Reading for sure!
6. What is your favorite non-academic subject?
I nominate:
Thanks, Allie for tagging me!! This was lots of fun to do! Also, I have a ton of fun surprises planned on my blog! Eeeeeeeeeee! I feel like bursting from excitement! Here's a hint: suspense. :)