Thursday, October 29, 2015

apple picking || trapped in a corn maze

 ^Roby's squinty!^

 ^again more squinty faces...^

 ^the "perfect" apple^
Hiya! How are you doing?? I haven't been blogging very much lately because of lack of inspiration... but there is some awesome stuff coming soon! I have been very busy enjoying fall. I went apple picking with my family a couple weeks ago, and we got 2 half bushels of apples...and if you know math, then you know how many bushels we got. ;) My mom made us apple crisp with some of the apples, and topped it with vanilla ice cream...yummm. We also made apple sauce twice, and that takes a while! The first time around, I chopped up the apples into slices while taking a break from schoolwork, and the second time, somehow I managed to cut my finger...twice. *facepalm*

FUN FACT: I am allergic to band-aids.

I went on a youth group trip to a harvest festival, and had so much fun! It diffidently was a highlight from my month. There was a corn maze (or a "maize maze" as they called it), a barn that was covered with hay and had rope swings inside, a store, a trampoline-thingy, and slides up on a hill. We had a "home base" and that was a campfire, where the youth group leaders stayed for a little bit. And...funny story, a group of us decided to tackle the corn maze. ;) My friend and I led the group, but somehow we managed to lead the group around a circle about 6 or 7 times. :D Don't worry, we got out of there! ;)

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! My brother got a blog! This Sunday, Roby saw that I was getting things in the mail to review for my blog, and he got inspired and wanted to get a blog of his own. :) His blog has to do with his #1 passion, fishing. Please leave a comment and maybe, even follow. This week Roby has been getting comments from family members, and he freaks out when they comment. Imagine how excited he would be if someone he doesn't even know commented! ;)
You can view his blog here.

Do you like making applesauce?
Have you ever met someone that was allergic to band-aids?
Do you go to youth group??

Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: Nancy Drew Diaries: Curse of the Artic Star

Hello! Today I will be reviewing "Nancy Drew Diaries: Curse of the Artic Star" This book is the first book in the series Nancy Drew Diaries. I am a big fan of the original Nancy Drew books, so I was very excited to read this! This book is a modern version of the original Nancy Drew Series.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

-This book is fun and easy to read.
-This book is fast-paced, with something new happening in every chapter, so I never got bored.
-I love the idea of solving a mystery on a cruise ship!
-The ending was completely unexpected, and I was shocked!

 -There were so many new characters, so I could never remember their names, and I kept getting them mixed-up.

-I was disappointed to discover that this book only has 2 diary entries, one in the beginning, and one at the end. It didn't make much since to me because the title of the series is "Nancy Drew Diaries"...

-Nancy treats Alan, Bess's new boyfriend, like chopped liver, and complains all the time that they had to bring him along on the cruise. I think the book would have been a lot more fun and interesting if Alan played an important role in solving the mystery.

-Nancy says a lot of "uh" and "um" and never seems to know the right thing to say.

-Nancy never really tries to solve the mystery, she just seems to observe the things that are happening and nothing else.

-This is NOT a stand-alone book! There was quite a few mysteries that were unsolved at the end of the story. This was very frustrating to me, because I only have the first book.
Girls ages 8-10
This book is great for beginning readers, and a great introduction to the Nancy Drew series!
Check out the Her Interactive website! (by the way, there is some AWESOME stuff for Nancy Drew fans on there!)
*This book was send to me by Her Interactive in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The School Tag

I was tagged by Allie, who blogs at Spreading my Joy, to do the School Tag, created by Nabila. You can view Allie's post here. I am really excited to do this! The rules are:

1. Link up to the person who created the tag (Nabila)
2. Put a link to the person who tagged you
3. Tag at least 3 other people to do this tag
4. Put the picture above in your post.
1. What grade are you in?
I'm in 7th grade!
2. What kind of school are you in? (elementary, middle, or high school)
Middle School
3. What is your opinion of school?
I'm homeschooled, and I like it a looooot better then public school! (Let's be honest though, I look forward to getting my schoolwork done! ;) )
4. What is your favorite subject overall?
Hmmm....probably history. We have a really fun curriculum!
5. What is your favorite academic subject? (reading or math)
Reading for sure!
6. What is your favorite non-academic subject?
I nominate:
Thanks, Allie for tagging me!! This was lots of fun to do! Also, I have a ton of fun surprises planned on my blog! Eeeeeeeeeee! I feel like bursting from excitement! Here's a hint: suspense. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

a very merry 11th birthday

 Roby's big 11th birthday was on the 8th. Mom didn't make us do school that day, which was awesome. We had to wait to begin celebrating till dad got home from work, but in the meantime, mom took us fishing. We had it all planned out. The plan was simple--mom would take Roby to the grocery store, so he could pick out treats. In the meantime, dad would get home from work, and we would begin the decorating. awesome!
 That morning, mom read all the birthday wishes from facebook to Roby, and his smile was a mile wide. :D
 ^our amazing decorating skills^
 ^the gifts, patiently waiting to be opened^
 ^my gift to Roby. thanks to, I could create the card with his name on front^
 ^dad's traditional birthday gift^
 ^mom & dad's gift^
 I waited for the car to come rolling past our house...for what seemed like forever.
Then finally, they came!
 Pizza, root beer, pringles...

 then... ice cream cake!

It was such a lovely birthday. Roby had soooo much fun!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

journal || lines radiating

You may have noticed that allll these photos were taken inside. Well, it rained for THREE DAYS straight, without stopping. I really loved it at the beginning, because I love rain. After a few days, well, I got slightly tired of it. It is really difficult for me not being able to go outside, ride my bike, and swing on our rope swing. But now, thankfully, all the rain is gone!

I absolutely lovvveee my new journal. I got it at Michaels, with a coupon, for only four dollars! It was great. It is leather, with a bow on the front, along with a tree that says "sketchbook" underneath it. I have written in it everyday since I got it! I am hoping to fill up every page.

My mom, brother, and I have been doing some volunteering (advantages of homeschool), and we got 7 hours in on Thursday and Friday last week! It was so much fun...especially Friday. We helped out at a free market, where people bring in stuff to give away and other people who can't afford the stuff can take it for free! My brother Roby, me, and a couple of other kids were responsible for taking all the stuff people didn't take home to the dumpster...and it was hilarious. (hey, if you ever see a clothes hanger hanging off a tree branch, wayyy high up, then you'll know we've been there ;) )

I love the coziness of fall...I finally get to wear jeans and socks (sometimes even a jacket!) every day! There are blankets all over the place.. see the pictures of my room?? Soooo cozy! I love being under a pile of blankets with a book in hand.. literally the BEST feeling ever! :D I can't wait to do fall-ish things like go pumpkin and apple picking!

Do you like to journal?
Are you excited for the new "Peanuts" movie coming out next month?
Have you ever seen a clothes hanger hanging off a tree branch?? ;)