Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer (from a dog's perspective)

 I love Summer. From sniffing the grass to eating ice cubes it is definitely the most fun season!
 I love the feeling of the dew-covered grass on my paws.
 But best of all, it means my kids are home! I spend as much time as possible with them because they have to go back to school in the fall... I always cry and look out the window while they are away. :(
 I love to stop and smell the flowers!
 A downside to summer is the terrifying thunderstorms! The *Boom...Crash!* overhead makes my ears go straight down... I go hide in the corner.
 *eyes firefly suspiciously*
And lastly, watching my crazy brother spray the hose. He was supposed to be filling up my pool. I guess he got sidetracked...
(That was my "Summer (from a dog's perspective)" post! What did you think? All the things I mentioned are what my dog feels/does!)
Do you have a dog?
Have you ever caught fireflies?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My New Camera!

It all started when my mom and I were sitting on the porch swing in front of our home, myself talking about cameras I wanted. My mom then explained that I could get a good quality camera without having to pay a crazy amount of money (at first I was planning on getting a $500 camera!). I looked online and found the perfect one. It was only around $150, and had good reviews. I decided that this year I would save up all my birthday money to buy the camera I really wanted. I got to work on doing lots of chores so I could make some money. $50 later, it was my 6th grade graduation day. I got one certificate (for completing 6th grade), and one for the President's Education Awards Program, along with a letter from the president. Only 8 kids got chosen (out of over 200), and my parents were very excited for me!
My mom picked me up early from school, and in the car I showed her a pretty yellow rose my friend gave me, who got a bouquet of flowers from her parents and grandmother. "Lots of girls got flowers." I told my mom. She then replied, "Dad and I did something a little different." I got to wondering what she was talking about. When my dad got home from work that day, he was excited about the "thing" that I would get the next day.
The next day, my mom made us a big delicious dinner. Afterward, while I was playing with Lexi (our dog) and Roby (my brother) my mom came downstairs carrying a small beige-colored bag with a big grin on her face. I held down the bag with my hand while pulling out the wrapped box. I tore off the wrapping paper; smiling at the vintage lunchbox I saw. (My dad loves collecting them, and he always jokes that he is going to get me to start collecting them with him.) I opened the lunchbox, and squealed at the small black box I saw. I quickly read the words, Fujifilm Finepix s8600. The camera I wanted!
I freaked out, hugging my parents and hugging my dog. I couldn't believe it! I set the camera up and started snapping photos of random things, reading the manual, and just walking around wearing it around my neck.


*a photo from the graduation*
                                                       Yep. That's my dad. *smile*
I am so thrilled about my new camera! Since yesterday I have taken about 80 be prepared for many more photo-filled posts!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Color Fun Run

Today Roby and I participated in a Color Fun Run! When we got there, we got white shirts to wear. I was so excited for it to start! We lined up at the start, and instead of a gunfire signaling the start, they squirted paint into the air! The paint was powder (and it tasted really bad!).We ran the track for a little bit, then raced through obstacles as fast as we could. There were two bouncy houses where we had to climb the latter and slide down the slide. We had to go under certain things, go over certain things, and at one point we had to crawl through a tunnel that had paint all over it! That explains the blue hands and legs! It was so much fun, and in the end, we got snacks, a medal, and a super awesome shirt!


Monday, June 8, 2015

When Calls The Heart

Last night, my mom and I saw this awesome show, When Calls The Heart. It is set in the early 1900s. It is about a teacher who comes to teach in a new town, and her time making new friends and teaching her students. She goes to live in a nice lady's house, whose husband and son died in a coal mine accident.
Lots of interesting things happen...


Everyday I watch a new episode! I can't stand to not see what happens next. This show is on Netflix, so if you have it, you can watch it anytime! ;) I 100% recommend this show!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Kindest Baby || My Saturday

I have to say, this past Saturday was the best one ever. Lots of interesting things happened and I thought I would share them with you!
We took my scaredy-cat dog to the vet. It was quite... interesting. I found myself sitting on the floor with spray cheese rubbed all over my hands and holding them up to my dog's muzzled mouth... ;D
 Monopoly Scoreboard:  Roby: 1st
                                        Abi: 2nd
                                        Dad: 3rd

 We went shopping for my brand-new cousin Layla! The baby clothes were just so adorable!

My mom has a little garden. About every week we go and water it and see how much it has grown. This time we got to pick some stuff for a salad! When we got there, Roby made a beeline to the honeysuckles.

 Roby by the watering pump and eating honeysuckles.

 Can you spot the tomatoes?

 By that time the sun started to go down so we headed back home.

 (Just a summer tip) When you get bug bites, aloe plants work great. Just break off a piece and stick your finger in the gel on the inside, then rub in on the bug bite. It works great! I do this all the time.
 My precious brand new baby cousin, Layla came to visit. She kindly allowed her parents to come along, too. She was just so tiny and adorable! I absolutely loved giving her her bottle. After a while, her eyelids would flicker shut and then, for a few seconds, slowly open again and scan me for a few seconds, then flicker shut again.

 After eating a breakfast including fruit and crepes the next morning, we went hiking.
 *Notice* Roby's super-cool jump action shot.

My dad always has to turn old tires and logs over to look for snakes. ;)

 We think it may be a nest.

 Roby's toad.

 On the bridge!


 Babies are super hard to take pictures of! They are so squirmy-that is why all of these are blurry!

 Pretty cute!
 My mom is in love with her!

 While her mom was packing up, I was on Layla duty. I walked, and walked, and walked around with her because she didn't want me to put her down. Eventually I set her down on the couch and she slowly rolled over and fell asleep! So cute!

So, that was my weekend! I can't wait to see Layla again!