Saturday, February 4, 2017

Catching a Wave

 "Meatball" the dog. He was staring at us through the window.
photo (the first two) credits to Roby (yes, he did make me design his entire blog so I could use his photos)
^Attempting to comfort Lexi while she has to endure the worst thing in the world... A BATH!!

I love doing adventurous things.

I've touched the Eiffel Tower, gone on rollercoasters, visited Stone Henge, played in the ocean for countless hours, hiked up many mountains, and sat on an alligator. Last Saturday, my friend and her family picked me up in their big red van and took us to the beach for a couple hours of surfing! I was so excited and nervous. I think I did okay, but I pretty much only went on my knees, and was on my feet for 1/4 of a second, till I belly flopped in the water. Paddling out to the waves was definitely the HARDEST part. My arms felt like wet noodles the entire time, and felt so for days after!
 Thursday night, my mom got a text, and turns out, my friend invited me to go surfing with her again on Saturday (now today)! Of course I said YES! This time, though, Roby got to come, and he spent some time on the beach learning while my friend and I got to paddle out in the chilly, crystal-clear ocean water. Roby paddled out, and we all just kind of hung out, waiting for the perfect wave to come our way. A decent wave came and I caught it! I was lying on my stomach, and something (maybe it was the fact that about four people were watching me) made me want to go for it. In one fluid movement, I pushed up with my arms and jumped to my feet. I was riding the wave! It felt so good. After a few seconds, I fell sideways off my board, hearing cheering.

After that, I rode about 4 or 5 more waves on my feet. It's such an amazing and fun feeling! The waves started getting pretty choppy, and I had a hard time finding a good wave to ride. So, I paddled back in, handed my board to one of my friend's younger siblings, and just played in the ocean, talking and swimming around. I got to go back out again, but the waves were no good. It had gotten increasingly windier, and I just couldn't find any good waves. It was really frustrating. I only got 1 at the end, when I was paddling back in, and rode it for a second before falling into the water. But, I did it, and I was so happy.

I am so thankful that now I can at least say I know how to surf, and I have caught a few waves! :) I just wish I could go again tomorrow!

 My week was pretty good, and busy. One of the highlights of my week was getting to talk on the phone with my aunt Jessie! It was so fun, I love her so much.
 Lately I have been eating popcorn and ice cream, yummm!

Thank you so much to Julia for mentioning me in your blog post! That is so sweet of you!

Mahalo for reading!


  1. So much surfing! I'm jealous.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha, fly over here, and you can come too!! :)

  2. It made my week hearing from you and roby! I love you both so much. Give me a call sometime this week!! Anytime at all! I miss you so much. ((Big hugs)) I love the syracuse shirt! ;)

    1. It made my week too!!!!! Love you SO much!!!! Oh, I will! <3

  3. Ah that sounds so awesome! *jealous*
    Looks like you've had a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you so so much for commenting, Paige! Love your blog!!!!!

  4. awwwwww gosh girl!! you don't have to thank me!! <333333

    and I WANNA SURF legit how cool xD

  5. Sounds like you had a great time surfing! :) (Yes, I know I'm months late for this post, haha.) Great job, Abi!