Wednesday, January 4, 2017

our first honu


Yesterday morning we got up and quickly finished schoolwork. We ate lunch and mom said: "who's ready for beach time!?" We smiled and loaded boogie boards, a skim board, a beach chair, towels, and a book for mom into the back of the car. We drove to the North Shore with the windows rolled down and anxiously looked for a beach with good conditions. We drove past the surf shops and the shave ice place, till we found a nice sandy beach, free of rocks and free of lots of people.
The lifeguard warned us not to go out too deep, due to a "nice little rip." We found a spot and watched the water for a while, then Roby went out on his skim board and myself on my Christmas gift, a 41' yellow and black boogie board. I waited for a nice wave to come, and after a while, a big wave, like a bluish crystal-clear wall, appeared before me. I jumped on my board and smiled to myself as the wave gently picked me up and threw me as hard as it could toward shore. The wave sprayed me in the face and I slid onto the sand.
We had to dig our knees into the sand at the end of each wave to prevent getting pulled in by the rip tide. I got up and began to look for another good wave. I saw a little bump forming a little ways away and decided to wait for that wave. The wave started to get bigger and bigger, and I saw something bobbing over the wave. After the wave had passed, I saw it swim to the surface. I watched in amazement, when I realized: "Sea turtle!"
I showed Roby and we were ecstatic, smiling like crazy. I looked over to mom, who was watching the sea turtle as well. She was smiling too.

 the view from my bedroom window
 today.... we've done school, and just relaxed. looking at cute swimsuits online! it's really dreary, quiet, and the birds are out and about
 Mahalo for reading!
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  1. It sounds like you are having an amazing time in Hawaii! My family is from the Bahamas, so I love the beach. But, surprisingly, I've never surfed of boogie boarded before! I have to try it. :D

  2. Hawaii sounds so amazing!! I do love the ocean, but I can't swim. *curls up to protect from judgemental stares* Lol! In my defense, I used to know how to swim (in second grade but shhhhh). XDD

  3. Hawaii sounds awesome, oh my gosh. I wish we can go swimming in the ocean, but the water is always super cold, whether it be an ocean or a lake. Brrr! YOU GOT SEE A SEA TURTLE OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

    xoxo Morning

  4. That all sounds so great, abi! How cool to see a turtle while you were swimming! What kind of birds have you seen there?! I'd love to see pictures of the cool creatures!

  5. sounds like a whole lot of fun! Thanks for sharing, Hawaii sounds great :)