Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Evil Vog & Psyco the Gecko


Ah, yes. Very flattering.

^photo creds to roby^  You know, you never realize what weird facial expressions you make until someone starts snapping random photos of you. Roby ordered a camera off amazon a couple weeks ago and immediately started taking pictures. It is SO weird being the one in front of the camera instead being the one behind it!
Lately, we have been experiencing vog. The Kīlauea Volcano has been erupting on the Big Island for years and years, and the Hawaii tradewinds take the vog (or the smoke that comes out of the volcano) and blows it around to other islands, and, yes, Oahu. It acts like pollen in the air and gives people (myself included) bad allergies. A runny nose, cough, and a tired, sick feeling come with it.

For a couple of weeks, all we've been hearing on T.V. and on the radio is vog, vog, vog. People here truly hate it. Though, there is something comforting about driving home from the beach, wondering why you all of a sudden feel so under the weather, and hearing on the radio that others are going through the exact same thing.

I had a super  active weekend. On Friday, we decided to conquer the Kaelia trail. It ended up taking about four hours, with three hours just climbing up the mountain. That was the most out-of-shape I've felt since I went for a ten-minute run. We met lots of awesome, friendly people who were struggling as much as we were. Hooray for group morale!

On Saturday, we hopped on a bus and went for a seven-hour tour around the island. Our tour guide told us Hawaiian greetings and cheesy jokes.

On Sunday, apparently not learning our lesson from Friday, we went on another hike. I loved  this one, though, because it was short and fun, with a spectacular view. After that, we went to the pool and Roby and I swam non-stop for about two hours.

And THEN, to top it all off, we went to the beach on Monday and I was out body surfing and boogie boarding for three hours.

As you may have already guessed, I am extremely tired today (Tuesday) with a sunburn and vog thrown in. Probably going to do it all again this weekend, though.
I was getting ready to go to the grocery store with my mom when I walked in the bathroom and got a little bit freaked out over what I saw.

Can you see it??
That's right, our family pet, Psyco the gecko, was back! He got bigger due to eating other  family pets, like ants and bugs. Pysco lives on our ceiling, and often moves from room to room. I once spotted him running into my bathroom. No one tries to get rid of him, though, because we think he's cute.

Lots of crazy things have been happening in my life, like going to a new youth group (I had an AWESOME time btw), going to a new church, getting the hang of body surfing, and just trying to find balance in my life.

Also, what do you think about the new design? Doesn't Abby have SO much talent? I am so excited about the new look.
I also updated my about page if you are interested.
Mahalo for reading!'


  1. omw I love these peeks into your daily life!!! honestly, sounds like so much fun and so much pretty and truly? It still sounds like real life XD which is coolness <33 KEEP POSTING GIRL

  2. Your new blog design is so darn cute, Abigail! And lol, Pysco is really cute! (although truth be told, I'd probably freak out if he came near me. XD)

    1. Thank you SO much!! I know, he is pretty adorable. I actually did freak out a little when I found him in the bathroom. He's cute, as long as he doesn't climb into the shower or into my room!! Thanks Sarah so much for commenting!

  3. Your blog is so bright and colorful and GAH i love it!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii x) Sounds like you had a great weekend!
    Abby M

    1. Thanks so much GAH I love it too!!! Thanks for the sweet comment, Abby! Your blog is amazing! **little side note here, when I tried to type in "amazing," it got changed to "Amazon." Oh dear, spellcheck.**

  4. That is so interesting about vog! *points at screen with happy opened smile face as I point at the silly faced picture you made because I realize for the first time that you are familar and I know you* lol! I love you and it's so great hearing all about your adventures!

    1. *points at random toddler photo of you in the distance with a happy opened smile face as I finally make a connection*

  5. these photos are so genuine and precious.
    i loved them!
    and your gecko is very cute. i like him. :)

    blessings to you, dear abigail!