Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I am moving to Hawaii tomorrow.


That's right, tomorrow I'm hopping on a plane to Denver, then off to Honolulu on this crazy awesome adventure.

Since I last posted (which was, 3 months ago? hehe), the movers came, we moved into a hotel, drove to New York and stayed at my great grandfather's house for a month, came back, stayed with a friend for a couple days, (today) moved into another hotel, & (tomorrow) we're off to the airport. Yikes.

As you might guess, we are all exhausted and ready for a strong wifi signal.

Over a month of socializing all day, everyday. That's a lot for 4 introverts and a crazy dog.

When I woke up today, my heart started racing a mile a minute once I had realized what day it was. Last month, it felt as though the days were going by at a snail's pace, but now, I feel like I've been in a zone for the past month. Now, it's happening.
We're really going!!!

Please pray for my family, that our plane gets there safely, that my dog doesn't freak out on the flight, & that we don't pass out at the price of airplane food.

Let the adventure begin! ✈ 🌴


  1. :) loved reading this, hope everything goes well! It must be exciting, going to Hawaii! 🌊⛅

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! How exciting!! You've been on quite the adventure already xD Praying <333