Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pickup Truck!

>>listening to the kid at the diving board talk about how he is pretty much "the best diver at the pool"<<
<<cutting up apples>>
<<walking through the mud with Daisy>>
<<talking with Kaylie at midnight>>
<<sprinkling cookie dough bites on my frozen yogurt>>
<<spotting pickup trucks on the road>>
<<playing in the hot tub with Caleb>>
<<looking forward to VBS>>
<<neglecting my blog>>
<<sitting next to Josh at the VBS meeting and wanting to burst out laughing every 10 seconds>>
<<trying to learn a weird new hand-gesture song thingy>>
<<doing Piyo>>
<<carrying Jordan>>
<<building train tracks>>
<<hearing popcorn popping in the microwave>>
<<eating chocolate pudding>>
<<watching star trek>>
<<pretending to surf>>
<<being exhausted & pretending to have energy>>
<<hearing M..M...M.... Ms Abi>>
<<loving life>>

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