Thursday, December 10, 2015

Interview with Nabila -- Hot Town Cool Girl

Hot Town Cool Girl
Why did you start blogging?

My mom, dad, and friend both had a blog and I wanted to start one to. At first I used it more of a diary and I still do but now I love writing about a lot of stuff.

How did you come up with your blog name?

Well it was kind of random. When I was thinking of a name I was sitting outside. It is so hot where I live in the summer that I thought I was going to melt so I thought Hot Town.  Then I wanted something to contrast with it so Cool. Then of course I am a girl and I think of myself pretty cool so it was born Hot Town Cool girl.

What are your favorite activities?

Reading (books, magazines, and card greetings). I also of course love blogging. Some of the more physical activities I like to do are talking with my friends, and taking photos.

Who is your inspiration?

Well besides jesus I would have to say the people around me. Like my friends and family even random people I see. Blogger wise I would say Amelia GraceNoorlexie and of course you.

What would you prefer--camping or staying in a hotel?

Definitely hotel; I have tried camping and I could not get to sleep
Skirts or dresses?

 Skirt because then I can but legging underneath with in my opinion looks really cute.

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

Well um let me think. I am half Egyptian {Abi note: that is so cool!}. I also have a really weird habit of sucing on things. 

Favorite book?

Well I don't really have a favorite books but here are my favorite series. Percy Jackson, The heros of Olympus, and The kane Chronicles.

How do you see yourself in 20 years?

Hm et me think. Well I have never really thought of where I would be. I don't usually think of the future that much.

Describe your bedroom.

Well, the walls are white with a queen size bed that I got from my parents. That takes of more than half of the room. There are two bedside tables were I keep my clothes on the side of the bed. I have a pin board and some paintings on my wall then a closet and that is pretty much all. 

What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?

Probably taking pictures. I just love how the sunset and how good the light is in summer to take pictures.

Thank you, Nabila, for doing this great interview!
// P.S.  More interviews comin' soon! \\


  1. Aw, thank you Nabila for calling me one of your inspirations! And great interview, I love taking pictures in the summer too!