Monday, December 28, 2015

Fall Bucket List Recap

                                                                  1. Smell a fall candle

2. Go on a hayride
3. Carve a pumpkin
4. Track all the books I read
5. Go apple picking
6. Read 20 books
7. Drink hot chocolate
8. Drink apple cider
9. Wear sweaters/jackets
10. Eat a caramel apple
11. Go camping
12. Take a nature walk
13. Catch a falling leaf in my hand
14. Read Little Women and write a review on it
15. Cuddle with my dog
16. Read a book in bed, under the covers
17. Take a deep breath of fall air
18. Decorate my room for fall
19. Pick a pumpkin
20. Carve/decorate a pumpkin
21. Eat a slice of apple pie
22. Munch on some candy corn
23. Try a fall themed oreo
24. Ride my bike
25. Read the books of Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua in my bible


  1. You seem to have completed most of them

  2. well, little women is a pretty long book. usually i can read a novel or two a day, but that one took me 3 WHOLE DAYS (i read really fast)

    i love carving pumpkins.

    reading books are good. especially with a really soft, warm blanket❤

    congrats on your bucket list accomplishments!


  3. You finished a lot of things!