Friday, December 4, 2015

(Countdown to Christmas #1) Gag gifts & Christmas trees

I have started an awesome new blog series to celebrate Christmas. "Countdown to Christmas- a celebration of out savior's birth." Throughout the days leading up to Christmas, I will post on ways that we celebrate and commemorate this special birth. Things including advent, Christmas trees, nativity scene-mishaps, gift-giving, and something very...special happening the day after Christmas. Let the celebration begin! :)

On the first of this month, we got out our lovely (fake) Christmas tree from the shed, including our boxes of ornaments and decorations. Lights are very...difficult. :) Our poor tree is jam-packed with ornaments. We were never that family that had matching ornaments, and our tree is far from perfect, but beautiful.

I got to baby-sit some kids this week, and we made a gingerbread house together. It didn't look half bad. :) When I got home, Roby had a gift sitting on the counter, addressed to me. Both my parents could not remember when he got it or what it was for the life of them. Finally, Roby told my mom. Mom told me to open it, and inside was a cereal box! I noticed the top was taped up, and when I took the tape off, there was a pair of my socks (I was looking for those!) and a book from upstairs. Good job, Roby. :D



"The World Within" by Jane Eagland

Bible Reading:

The book of Judges


Candy Cane Joe-Joes from Trader Joe's & the Cinderella movie


This is my very first time blogging during Christmas time, so this is very exciting for me. I am trying to improve my Christmas photos every day, and is hoping for snow to photograph (!!!). Also, thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my last post! They are super encouraging, so thank you!


  1. Could the surprise on the day after Christmas be a surprise visit to aunt Jessica's for her birthday for a sleepover?! :):);)

    1. I wish! Sadly, I was referencing to a Christmas movie coming out of my favorite show, When Calls The Heart. I'm really sad now, I wish that was the case!

  2. This is awesome, can't wait for more posts!


    p.s - your tree is gorgeous

  3. Trader Joe's is thee best!!!!

  4. Don't worry, out family is definately like that with the Christmas tree ornaments. We have a mix of store bought ones and handmade ones, tinsel and lights. Totally jam packed!