Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

 On the evening of Christmas Eve, we stood outside waiting for santa to come by in his fire truck. Then, we went to the Christmas Eve service at church, and it was incredible. Every year I always fear I will drop the candle I'm holding, or light my hair on fire. ;) We went on a Christmas lights drive, looking at all the houses that went "all out." We came home and Roby and I each opened one present- cozy snowflake pajama pants!

I always have a really hard time falling asleep on Christmas. It didn't help that it was really hot and I was sweating under the pile of blankets. During the time I couldn't sleep, I really thought. What was it like for Mary, a young teenager? I feel that this year is the first year I could really relate to Mary, because she was only a few years older when she had Jesus, then I am now.

I woke up early Christmas morning and woke everyone else up. We opened all our presents, and I was really surprised with what I got! A book I've been wanting, "Kisses from Katie", a cute, new comforter, a GoPro, and an adorable skirt I've been wanting were my favorites. Everyone loved their gifts! I also got this cute tree wall sticker with leaves, birds and a watering can. After I put my new things in my room, I got inspired to do a "mini room makeover," mostly because I love my new comforter so much! Lexi loves my new comforter too!

I can't wait to make underwater videos with my new GoPro. Now, I am really looking forward to the summer, when I can take it to the pool! <3 Well, I'm off to read The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. Happy New Year!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! I'm so jelly, we don't have BBW here! :(

    1. We did! Oh, you can order it online:

  2. Aww, super sweet! I LOVE Kisses from Katie. Like seriously, such an amazing book! Your bedding is cute, I got new bedding for my birthday...which you probably saw on my blog. lol!