Sunday, October 11, 2015

a very merry 11th birthday

 Roby's big 11th birthday was on the 8th. Mom didn't make us do school that day, which was awesome. We had to wait to begin celebrating till dad got home from work, but in the meantime, mom took us fishing. We had it all planned out. The plan was simple--mom would take Roby to the grocery store, so he could pick out treats. In the meantime, dad would get home from work, and we would begin the decorating. awesome!
 That morning, mom read all the birthday wishes from facebook to Roby, and his smile was a mile wide. :D
 ^our amazing decorating skills^
 ^the gifts, patiently waiting to be opened^
 ^my gift to Roby. thanks to, I could create the card with his name on front^
 ^dad's traditional birthday gift^
 ^mom & dad's gift^
 I waited for the car to come rolling past our house...for what seemed like forever.
Then finally, they came!
 Pizza, root beer, pringles...

 then... ice cream cake!

It was such a lovely birthday. Roby had soooo much fun!!


  1. It sounds like you guys had an awesome day! Happy birthday to your brother :)


  2. So glad he had such a good day! Love the kitchen decorating! Love you!

  3. Happy birthday to him! Sounds fun! I love the decorating that you did!