Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Labor Day Picnic // Youth Group



 Roby releasing the huge amount of fish we caught. :) I was too scared, something about holding the fish makes me squirm...putting a worm on the hook is enough, thank you! 

 Ah... Labor Day was such a wonderful day! ;) It all started in the morning when my dad suggested we go fishing...my mom got in on it too and began to pack a picnic. Meanwhile, Roby had found an old, red battery controlled car and discovered that it still worked! So, Roby drove around on the sidewalk (and at one point on the road! lol! don't worry, there weren't any cars ;) ) and I pushed him up the hills. ;)

My brother and dad are big fishermen, so they packed up their poles and bought worms. Then finally, we got there! "Our" fishing spot was under a big tree, and the roots of the tree worked as stairs, to get down to the water! There was even a picnic table! Talk about perfect! Fishing was awesome! I loved trying to catch the little fish, and the water was so clear that you could see the fish swim up to it! If I remember correctly, I caught 5 fish, and Roby caught a lot more than that. ;) My dad showed us another fishing spot there, and it was directly in the sun. We went back to our first fishing spot, and to cool off, took a swim! It was definitely a Labor Day I will never forget!

Life has been so busy lately. I can't believe it is nearing the end of September!? But, I am ready for some awesome October fun. We have lots of fun things planned, like going on a trip, going to the pumpkin patch, decorating, baking, and going to a fun carnival! Don't worry, I'll be posting about them. :) Also, we are really getting involved with our new church, and are going to small group as a family. I am doing youth group, and IT. IS. SO. FUN! I love the bible study we are doing!

I am also in process of getting a new blog design, so be on the lookout for that. ;) I am reading the classic Little Women, and it is really good, but so   L     O       N      G! I think I might review it when I'm done. I'm going to be working on a fall bedroom decorating post, if I can come up with/find some fun ideas. I really like to mix it up a little, and do a crafty-type post besides the usual "life" post. :)

Have you ever read Little Women?
How do you decorate your bedroom for fall?
Do you ever just jump into the lake, with all your clothes on?


  1. Abi, it sounds like you had a wonderful time fishing! I can't wait to see how you decorate your room. You are so crafty like that! I love you and miss you. Beautiful girl! Oh, and you know I'm always up for crazy things like jumping into the water with all my clothes on! :-D

  2. Cool pics and I actually have read Little Women and I really like it.


  3. Labor Day weekend fishing sounds fun! :D My family didn't do much, sadly :(

    xoxo Morning
    P.S. I got your message; will be working on it ASAP!

  4. Your pictures remind me of a place I used to know <3 I did not ever read Little Women. I don't decorate my room for fall either, I know, I'm sad! And, well, where I live there are not very many lake-jumping opportunities, so no, not really. I would if I could.

  5. So glad that you had fun! I absolutely love the pictures of you in the water! Have a great fall!!

  6. Hello! You have a very cute blog! I saw that you followed me and I followed you back. I just added a new post! You should check it out ;) Post again soon! <3