Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New York Vacation Part 2

Day 5: We went over to my Nana and Grandpa's house! My cousins, aunts, and uncles came too!
Their dog, Jack, was terrified of the camera. If he notices that you have a camera, he will run away. When he wasn't paying attention, I took a picture...and another picture...and another... ;)

My cousin Gideon! <3

Then, we tie-dyed shirts! We tie-dyed long sleeve shirts so we can wear them in the fall/winter! (I can't believe it's the last month of summer!) I did mine in a striped-rainbow pattern, and I love the way it turned out! :D

Nana and I!
Top (from left to right): me, Grandpa holding Gideon, Nana holding Layla, and Roby
Bottom: Markus and Oliver!
And here's a selfie my mom took! :D
Oliver and I running around in the woods!
Day 6: We went to our friends house!
We swam in their pool and went to the grocery store for chips, dip, Hawaiian bread, and more! Yumm!

Then, we went to Aunt Mary and Uncle Jimmy's house!

We made s'mores on the campfire!

Day 7: We went CAMPING!! We drove to a wonderful town with lots of cabins to stay in.
Our temporary home. ;)
Later that day we went to all the little stores in the town! They were awesome! One thing I loved about them was that the owners brought their dogs into the stores with them, and the dogs would greet you at the door. Even in the movie theatre there were dogs!

We went to a restaurant that my Aunt Marie worked at for dinner, and it was wonderful!

Day 8: My Aunt Marie came over for breakfast, then we set off to go climb a mountain.

There was lots of steep rocks on the way up, and I am proud to say that I never fell, just tripped over my own feet twice. ;)
The view at the top was amazing!

When we got home, we went to a waterpark! We did all the wet rides today and come back tomorrow to go on the dry rides.
 Day 9: Today was the day for walking around the park and going on some more rides!
During our walk we found a little petting zoo, so we bought some animal treats and feed the sheep out of our hands. They were very selfish sheep and tried to get all the food for themselves! ;)

 Bumper cars! I was driving, with my mom in the passenger seat. What she had to say about it? "This is why you don't give kids a drivers license!"

 The Sky Ride was cool...and a little bit scary. There was only a long metal bar in front of us!

 And of coarse, we had to go to the circus!

 Even dogs were performing!

 We drove back to my grandpa's house and got some ice cream!

Day 10: We had to leave. :( I was really sad for our Vacation to be over, but I was ready to get home and see my dog.

The stuffed hedgehog that I felt I couldn't live without... ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those are some really cool pictures hope you had an awesome time


  2. Love that you were in my home state, Abigail! It is gorgeous here in a different way each season. The photos are the circus are lovely. xx

    I'm Sarah Grace

    1. I've always wanted to go to the circus, but I've always thought it was scary. Like someone could get shot, or fall off a ride!

    2. I know exactly what you mean, Sarah! The most beautiful season in New York to me is the winter because of all the snow. ;) And I feel the same way, Isabel! My heart was pounding the whole time the performers were on the tight rope. And when the dogs were jumping through rings of fire? I was terrified for them! :0
      Abigail Grace

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a great Vacation! My vacation starts the first of semptember. Some friends, the fiols, and my family are all going to the beach! We are all staying in one beach house that's right on the beach!!! So that the parents could sit in the hot tub and watch the kids playing on the beach. Anyway, awesome post! Just one or two things, this month isn't the last month of the summer. The end of semptember is. Well, it is in the south where I live in live. Anyway, happy blogging! (Sorry, this comment is really long, so there might be TONS of typos)

    Happy blogging!

    1. Also, I LOVE Hawaii bread! FYI

    2. Your vacation sounds like so much fun! And I know what you mean about summer, but where I live it seems to be coming early--the leaves are already falling off the trees! It is all so confusing! lol! ;D
      Twins! Haha! Every time we go to the grocery store, I want Hawaiian bread! ;D
      Abigail Grace

  4. Hahah, Yum! Hawaii bread! My family and I just had some last Sunday

  5. The stuff hedgehog is so cute! Isn't it so hard to take photos of animals when they are super camera shy? I've tried to capture photos of geese but they would end up squawking off and I'd have to chase them, and the same goes with squirrels. Tie-dying t-shirts is such a great thing to do as well; I've done tie-dye once, so my opinion may not weight that much, but the design choices are limitless! :D

    xoxo Morning

  6. Oh, I loveeee these pictures <3 Too much cuteness!