Wednesday, July 1, 2015

31 Day Blogging Challenge!!

I just found out about this blog challenge, and I think it will be lots of fun!! ;) I will be doing it all this month. Instead of posting every day, I will do a big post at the end of the week or a few days. Today's challenge is "Self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself" Here it goes!! ;)

Day 1: Self Portrait and 5 random facts about yourself.

A photo I took on the computer of myself a little while ago. ;)

5 Random Facts About Me!!

1. I am often referred to as "that tall blond girl".  ;)
2. I lived in Germany for 3 years (2011-2014).
3. I am going camping this weekend for 4th of July! Woo hoo!
4. I have been lots of places, including France, Ireland, Turkey, Holland, Croatia, and Greece!
5. We have some awesome things planned for my birthday!! Be prepared for a huge post!! ;)


  1. Question, where do you live now... I could guess America... but sometimes people do happen to live other places.... people like me.... Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  2. Aw, you are so cute! <3
    Its a lovely blog you have here, and I followed you.

    xx Jordan Sky

  3. Cool facts about you! I loved this post!