Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My New Camera!

It all started when my mom and I were sitting on the porch swing in front of our home, myself talking about cameras I wanted. My mom then explained that I could get a good quality camera without having to pay a crazy amount of money (at first I was planning on getting a $500 camera!). I looked online and found the perfect one. It was only around $150, and had good reviews. I decided that this year I would save up all my birthday money to buy the camera I really wanted. I got to work on doing lots of chores so I could make some money. $50 later, it was my 6th grade graduation day. I got one certificate (for completing 6th grade), and one for the President's Education Awards Program, along with a letter from the president. Only 8 kids got chosen (out of over 200), and my parents were very excited for me!
My mom picked me up early from school, and in the car I showed her a pretty yellow rose my friend gave me, who got a bouquet of flowers from her parents and grandmother. "Lots of girls got flowers." I told my mom. She then replied, "Dad and I did something a little different." I got to wondering what she was talking about. When my dad got home from work that day, he was excited about the "thing" that I would get the next day.
The next day, my mom made us a big delicious dinner. Afterward, while I was playing with Lexi (our dog) and Roby (my brother) my mom came downstairs carrying a small beige-colored bag with a big grin on her face. I held down the bag with my hand while pulling out the wrapped box. I tore off the wrapping paper; smiling at the vintage lunchbox I saw. (My dad loves collecting them, and he always jokes that he is going to get me to start collecting them with him.) I opened the lunchbox, and squealed at the small black box I saw. I quickly read the words, Fujifilm Finepix s8600. The camera I wanted!
I freaked out, hugging my parents and hugging my dog. I couldn't believe it! I set the camera up and started snapping photos of random things, reading the manual, and just walking around wearing it around my neck.


*a photo from the graduation*
                                                       Yep. That's my dad. *smile*
I am so thrilled about my new camera! Since yesterday I have taken about 80 be prepared for many more photo-filled posts!


  1. Whoaa! That's almost the EXACT model of my camera!! :D Super awesome! Mine is a Fujifim s8630. Enjoy the Macro. ;) I got mine for about $120, it was on sale. ;) Looking forward to more great photos! Have fun. ;)

  2. That is SO great Abi! I am so happy for you!!! I love you very much, smart girl! I can't wait to see the many pictures to come!

  3. You can get really nice photos out of cameras that are not so expensive, all you need is a eye for it, a bit of understanding of how the camera, light and stuff works and one more thing, PRACTICE.