Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring, Autism Contest, and Dad's 41th Birthday!!

I love Spring! It is so pretty, with so many plants and flowers growing.


To start out the month, I entered an Autism Awareness Essay Contest at my school! We had to write about a friend or family member who has overcome a challenge in their life.  Everyone gets a certificate for participating. My teacher said she talked to the people judging it, and the judges said they liked it! I don't know when they announce the winners, but if you win, you might get a gift card or something to Cold Stone (Because they sponsored it!)

I love rainy days so much!

My room:

When my mom and I were shopping at Home Depot, we found a plant that looks just like a cupcake! It is so cool!


 Dad's 41th birthday! I had a ton more pictures, but for some reason when I was putting them in the post, they all got deleted.

Our fellow planet neighbor.


I will do another blog post soon!

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  1. What did you write your essay about! I would love to read it! I love you!