Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Novella Update | Favorite Bloggers

As I told you in my last post, I am writing a novella. I am in love with the characters I created for it, and it is so much fun to write! I started writing it yesterday, and I worked on it a little today, so now I am at 1,401 words. I hope to get it done in a month or two! My blog has really helped me with my writing skills. It is amazing to look at stories I wrote (But never finished!) last year compared to now. Here is a piece of a story I made called, "Morgan In Paris". I only wrote one page of it and then I gave up. I hope that doesn't happen with my new story! The story is about a homeless dog, named Morgan, that lives in Paris. Funny... the story I'm writing now is about two homeless girls! I guess homeless people interest me! :) But, anyway, here is a piece of my unfinished story:


That’s one thing I like about Paris. So many people, with so many personalities. I could sit on the bench for hours and never get bored. Many of the people I see each day are tourists. They are always bundled up, not used to the chilly weather. If they think this is cold, they are in for a real treat!

As I arrive at the place I call home, I look around. Everyone is gone. All the shops are closed, and the only light there is, is a single street light flickering from low battery. I sigh, and climb into my bed. I drift off to sleep… when suddenly I hear something strange. Like some sort of sad moaning. My heart starts running a marathon. What is that noise? What do I do? Now I hear steps! I put my ear close to the ground, and I could feel the vibration. What could it be? What do I do? I’m pretty sure you could hear my heart pounding from outer space! Now it was hovering right above my little hole in the ground that I sleep in! Oh, no! What is going on? Now I could see a familiar face. I couldn’t quite make out who, but I felt I had known that man before. Then the whole world went black.
What did you think? The story I am writing now interests me much more then that one! I thought I would show you a little piece of writing I did today.
It felt like the time for them to get off the train would never come. She felt so alone and so grown-up. When she saw a little girl holding her mother’s hand, Emily was struck with a twinge of sadness. Why did all these bad things have to happen to her? Couldn’t it have been someone else? The conductor announced the train coming to a stop. Emily, legs trembling, clutched on to her baby sister so tightly it was as if she would never let go. She slipped her bag over her shoulder. "I can do this. What was it the preacher talked about a few weeks ago? Wasn’t it, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding? What does that even mean?" she thought.


I hoped you liked it! I thought I would share with you some of my favorite bloggers. Here is my list:





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  1. Wow! Your writing is really great-a word of advice (something I wish I'd had known before I wrote 8,000 words) Try writing in third POV, and try not doing so many thoughts...try more detail of your surroundings. I've learned that with my past novella. ;)

    whoa..the authors of Writing for His Glory, and Cover up for Christ are my sisters-in case you didn't know. ;)

    Keep up the great writing! NEVER GIVE UP!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I am totally going to try that today. It is so funny that all my favorite bloggers are in your family! Also, do you recommend paying for someone to do a blog design for you? I know there is eve's garden of designs-did she make yours?

    1. Great! haha, yeah. ;) Also, sister and I write for that magazine. ;) lol!

      Hm, It really's not that hard to do it on your own. The design I have currently I created on my own, I have had Eve do designs for me though. Only, it does cost quite a bit..I suggest looking around a little online first and try to learn a little more about it. :)

    2. What did you use to make your blog design?

    3. uh, I used picmonkey to make the banner-other than that I made it all myself.