Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

 I just got back from a wonderful trip to Maryland! (Post on that later!!) Remember those people I told you about in the last post? Well, this weekend we decided to go to their house. We did lots of stuff, complete with a trip to the Chesapeake Bay and the Zoo. We also did tons of photography. 

In honor of Memorial Day, we went to the cemetery and put flags on all the soldiers' graves. It was pretty fun! It was a neat experience and it might be our new family tradition to do it every year.

During our trip I was working on my first video project! I have made and edited videos before but this time I had a theme and filmed small videos to put together to make the finished product. Tomorrow I will work on lots of editing, because I have the day off from school!

I have an upcoming post on our overall trip, the beach & the zoo so stay tuned!


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