Thursday, April 30, 2015

I have strep throat! | Awana Store

Hi! I feel like I haven't posted in forever! This week has been pretty busy with school. On Wednesdays, we go to Awana. Awana is an afterschool activity where we play games and memorize Bible verses.

When we memorize a Bible verse, we get an Awana buck. Here's a pic.

After a few months there is an Awana store. We use the awana bucks we earned to buy stuff.
Here is my favorite things that I got.

Washi tape!

Love this clock!


This is an adorable bag! My mom wants me to give it to her for mother's day! :)
Today, I was at school, and I just felt like ugh. I was dizzy, my head hurt, and my throat hurt.
I have never gone to the nurse's office before, but I was seriously considering it. I went to two "classes" and I finally made the decision to go to the nurse's office. When we were walking down I was afraid that I was not sick enough to get picked up. When I walked in I was the only one in there! It was seriously perfect timing! The nurse looked surprised to see me there. She was very nice, and she called my mom so I could ask her if she could pick me up. Fifteen minutes later and my mom was there. When we got home she called the doctor's office to make me an appointment.
Walking in to the doctor's office, my stomach was doing cartwheels. (Did you know I can't do a cartwheel?) I am always afraid to go to the doctor's office. But anyway, it went great! It turns out I have strep throat. No school tomorrow! Be prepared for another blog post!
Currently I am reading this awesome book, Treasures Of The Snow. I feel like I am living out the story along with the characters!
What book are you reading currently? Do you do Awana? Have you ever had strep throat?



  1. Okay..okay..just had to comment here. I have that EXACT same clock! LOL! Lovely blog, I'll be sure to follow. :)

    1. O my gosh! I am freaking out right now! I am a HUGE fan of your blog! Thanks so much for commenting!

    2. Well, I'm glad you like it! :D I believe it was this post..
      lol. It's so crazy looking back at old posts. ;) It's always nice to meet a fellow blogger!

    3. I was wondering, maybe you could do a guest post on my blog, and maybe you could interview me on yours?

    4. Maybe I could do one in a few weeks or something..I'm quite busy at the moment. :P I just finished Camp NaNo and am taking a little break. ;) But maybe then we can do that in a few weeks! :D

  2. What is Awana?......just wondering. ;)

    1. It is an afterschool activity at the church. We get books and have to memorize bible verses from it, play games, and if we memorize a bible verse we get an awana buck, and we save up our awana bucks for a few weeks for the awana store.

      I changed my blog around-what do you think? :) I feel like I don't know what I want it to look like.

      Also, how do you do a guest post? Do you have to invite that blogger? Can you preview the post before they publish it?


    2. That's neat!

      Well, I think you should change the top (white banner) to transparent, you should google a tutorial for that. It would make it look better. :)

      You can do it two ways, one they send it in an email and you post it. Two, you invite them to be an author and after that you take it off. I'd suggest doing it by email, then you can read it before you publish it.

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  4. UGH!!!! Yes, I've had strep throat before.... a LOT. In my life I've probably gotten it about 20 times ….... and I'm only in high school!!! :O
    I'm homeschooled now, but when I was still in public school I always hated to go to the nurse's office too. :P
    Great finds!! I love that clock!
    P.S. Also, I just found your blog tonight and love it! Keep up the good work!