Monday, April 27, 2015

Feeling Happy!

    Today I woke up to the sound of birds chirping through my slightly cracked open window. The sunlight spilled into my room. I felt so warm and cozy under all my blankets. I just felt so happy.
     Last night my mom came home from her women's retreat. As she was going through her bag, she said, "I have something for Abi." I get so excited when someone says that they have something to give me! She pulled out a book called Girl Talk What Every Lady Should Know!. I started to flip through the pages and noticed that she wrote a message on the back of the cover-to me!

Here is what she wrote:
The Lord has
blessed you to
be beautiful, strong,
and unique! What's inside matters. Walk
in all the great things
 he has for you!

Jennell Riddick

I was so excited! I love the book!


And, to end this post, here is a selfie I took with my dog, Lexi!

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