Friday, April 24, 2015

April 2015 Overview~The Tornado Warning, Sleepover, and more!

Here is an overview of everything I did in the month of March. Even though it is only the 24th, I have a ton of free time today so I decided to do it now.

To start out the month, the Basiles were at our house. Best week of my life!

Then there was Roby's baseball game...

Then, the day after, we went to a professional baseball game.

My most favorite picture- I had no idea it would turn out like this when I was taking it!

About a week ago, there was a tornado warning in the area. Even though it was a half hour away, there is always that fear that it would come to our house. Inside our house all we could hear was the "BOOM...BOOM...CRASH!" of the thunder and lightning.

It started out as heavy raining.

Lexi really didn't like the rain.
She kept looking through the windows.

Apparently Roby was to "scared" to sleep in his own room. He just used that as an excuse to sleep in my room. :)

 I told Roby to pose. Here's what he did. :)

When I get home from school, she runs upstairs and grabs a stuffed animal off my bed, so we can play tug of war.

She also runs in circles in our backyard from excitement! Here are some Crazy Steve action shots.

I hope you enjoyed!

                                                                    xoxo, Abi

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