Friday, April 17, 2015

Ah! It's So Gross!

Today was an interesting day. To start off I woke up with the sadness of a dream. It is never good to wake up like that. My dream was that my mom forced me to donate my arms and legs. Yeah, weird.

But anyway my mom, brother, and I dug up the shrubs/bushes and planted some flowers around the tree in our front yard and in pots we've been collecting over the years.

Augh. Those little worms that you find when digging are so gross. Ah! It makes me squirm at just the thought of it.

 My mom spotted a lady throwing away a pool on the sidewalk. Roby and I ran over there and brought it into the backyard. It was supposed to be for Lexi.

Roby was so exited to fill the pool with the hose.

The water was freezing!

After that we went to the library and to Dairy Queen. I hope the book I got is good!

                                                             xoxo, Abi

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