Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day Entertainment

We (Roby and I) have had two snow days in a row. It is already Wednesday and we haven't gone to school yet! We absolutely LOVE it! There is even a possibility that we will have a snow day tomorrow! Triple! Today the like 9 inches of snow started to melt away.
                                          Our backyard. (Please excuse my doggie photo-bombing!)

We spent hours today sledding. We sled so much that my sled broke in half! :(
                                          Our sleds sitting on the front porch.

Lexi has been playing in the snow non-stop.
                                        Lexi running inside after playing outside in the snow.

Roby REALY likes the snow.
                                           Roby, after he came in from playing in the snow.
                                           He is watching Dual Survival, an outdoorsy show.

I love the snow, but I hate that feeling when you are sledding and snow goes down your shirt. Ugh.
                                          Abi and Lexi pose on the couch after a long day of

At the moment, this is what our house looks like.
                                          Abi and Roby watching T.V.
                                          Mom making mac and cheese for Abi and Roby. Yum.

So now we are just waiting to see if we get another snow day tomorrow!
xoxo, Abi

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  1. Did you get another snow day?! Sledding is the best! I hope we can go together sometime!