Saturday, November 25, 2017

Majic Turkey + a very big victory

Can you spot the rainbow? ^^^
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, friends and family! I hope you enjoyed stuffing your face with pie as much as I did. ;)

Have you ever noticed that their is no fun character for Thanksgiving? Like, for Valentines Day there's cupid, St. Patrick's Day has leprechauns, Christmas has Santa, etc. etc. My dad and I realized that on Thanksgiving Eve and came up with our own tradition.

The Magic Turkey.

He comes every Thanksgiving Eve bringing a turkey for the family. For the children he brings a package of rolls or stuffing. I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning (to make Thanksgiving meals for the homeless, elderly, and first responders) and guess what was on the kitchen counter?!?

Gifts from the magic turkey! You may notice that "magic" is spelled wrong. My dad claims that the magic turkey just has a unique name spelling and is actually spelling it right. ;D

This week luoa didn't assign any school assignments, so I used this week to get all caught up. So. much. math. I ended up having to do a week of math yesterday. But now I can say I'm all caught up, and that is seriously a huge relief!
The other day I was making a blog comment, and I made a huge victory. I spelled definitely right on the first try! That has never happened before! So proud. :D
So I've been trying to find lots of good books to read over Christmas break (so much free time lol.), and right now I am reading Murder on the Orient Express (which is absolutely amazing!!).

Do you happen to have any book recommendations for me? and how on earth do you put a gif in a blog post? :)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

♪ It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas... ♪

Everyone tells me that you're supposed to wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate, but...I hate that idea. So we went out and did this.
Target is THE BEST for Christmas decorations. I am very thankful that I was able to convince my family this year to decorate the house before Thanksgiving! ;)

This is our beautiful tree. Ah... it makes me so happy just looking at it! These pictures only show part of the Christmas decorations. Right now I am sitting at the table on the laptop, and the entire table is almost completely covered with Christmas decorations we still need to put up.. But, is there really such thing as decorating too much? There is never too much Christmas spirit. :D
My family had SO much fun listening to Christmas music and decorating our house last night. And afterwards, we treated ourselves to a bowl of Peppermint ice cream. :)
ALSO-- I have a new blog email address:
Is there such thing as too much Christmas spirit? Have YOU decorated your house for Christmas yet? ;)